Experience the many benefits of Vitamin C with our Brighten Serums!

We all want a bright, glowing appearance. Wouldn't you love to reduce the pigmentation and dullness of your skin, and make it look fresh and smooth? Who wouldn't wish to see their acne scars reduce or even sometimes disappear? Vitamin C does all that, and more!

Vitamin C supplements are good for you, and can take you a long way towards a balanced, healthy skin routine. However, in order to see drastic improvements to a dull skin, acne and pigmentation, they are not enough by themselves. Someone needs to do the 'dirty' work of diving through layers of dead skin, and bringing that fresh, smoother skin to the surface! And that dirty work is done by clinically effective skincare products. 

Our EleniLondon skincare products are your skin servants doing the work for you, in order to help you look like the best version of yourself! Our Brighten and Brighten Plus Vitamin C Serum, are you allies to help you achieve that glowing skin, away from dullness, pigmentation and acne scars. They produce collagen and elastin, making your appearance plump and youthful. They smoothen fine lines and wrinkles, and protect your skin from free radicals and UV Radiation!

We would hate to see your skin exposed to all these nasties; therefore, for this month only, you can get any of our EleniLondon skincare range products at 1/2 price, when you buy our Brighten or Brighten Plus Vitamin C serum! Visit our shop now to pick what you need, and email me at eleni@elenilondon.com for more details. See you soon!


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